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How to style wide leg pants

11th October, 2021

Whether you’re sold on them or are still debating whether to dip your toe into the wide leg pant trend, I think we could all agree that wide leg pants when styled right look downright chic. They evoke an effortless vibe about them that feels very grown up and put together. But it does require keeping a few things in mind when you’re styling them to ensure that you’re not overwhelmed by all that volume. You can also wear this pants style for various occasions by making a few quick styling changes, which makes them one of my fave things when it comes to clothes: versatile.

If you’ve felt daunted about wearing this style because you’re a little unsure of how to wear it or what to pair with it then you’ve come to the right post! Having embraced wide leg pants wholeheartedly, I’ve been able to experiment with different looks and have narrowed down what makes them work and what doesn’t.

Tailor them

The key with wide leg pants is to ensure they’re just the right length. You don’t want them too long that they’re dragging on the floor (it’s also a bit of a hazard!) and you don’t want them too short that they don’t look quite right. Being a petite person I usually have to get things taken up and if you’re in the same boat, I would highly recommend taking your pants to a professional to have them hemmed properly. Make sure to bring shoes with the heel height that you’re likely to wear with your pants so you get the absolute perfect fit.

High waisted all the way!

Low rise pants are apparently making a comeback but when it comes to wide leg pants I think the only way to go is high waisted. It looks ultra chic and just gives this style of pant an elevated feel.

Tuck your shirt in (or crop it)

When it comes to wide leg pants I tend to tuck everything in whether it’s a jumper, cami, t-shirt or shirt as it looks more polished and I think the proportions work better. Some people can work a slightly oversized button down shirt with wide leg pants and look amazing but I think you need a little height to get the right effect. If you have a slightly smaller stature I would definitely stick with tucking things in. Alternatively, if like the look of a crop top but have been avoiding them as you were hesitant about flashing skin, a high waisted pair of wide leg pants is perfect bridge to get you there. You can get the crop top effect but a high waist will offer a little extra tummy coverage.

High waisted wide leg pants are one of my go-tos

Experiment with colours

I love wide leg pants in a neutral hue as they are so versatile, and a crisp white pant is just about one of the chicest things you can wear but it doesn’t mean you should ignore colour! Wide leg pants look great in bold, bright hues (think reds, pinks, purples…) and also a loud-ish print if you dare. If you want to temper your look a little bit when wearing colour, pair it with a neutral at the top and you have yourself an outfit formula that works.

Ensure you have balance

Working with volume, my general rule is when you’re wearing something quite billowy at the bottom go for something more fitted at the top and vice versa. This helps to achieve the right kind of balance and will ensure that you’re wearing your outfit and not your outfit is wearing you. Remember to keep proportions in mind at all times when working with wide leg pants.

Work with different silhouettes

The beauty with wide leg pants is that they you can afford to experiment with different silhouettes up top. A shirt with a bold shoulder looks commanding and strong when paired with a pair of tailored wide leg pants and a subtle heel. While adding a white tee and a sandal is the height of effortless, laidback style. Add a sleek bodysuit, statement sunnies and a slide and you have yourself an “I’m just chilling in the Riviera” look nailed. Experimentation is key as you have to work with what’s flattering for your shape and don’t forget that balance is also important.

What do you think of wide leg pants? Fan or hard pass?


How to wear the elevated trouser

4th October, 2021

There’s certainly something about the elevated trouser that’s captured fashion hearts everywhere. Perhaps its a response to the fact we’ve all been living in tracksuits and activewear over the last year or so thanks to COVID, but there’s something nice about seeing a trend that just screams super stylish. And while the humble trouser may have definitely ticked the box as a classic piece, we didn’t necessarily categorise it as an edgy, on trend staple in seasons past. But this season, the latter. Thanks to fashion-ey people like Kendall Jenner and influencer Aimee Song who have been rocking the style and making it look so achingly cool, not to mention The Row who created one of the most copied looks of late, there’s only one thing that should definitely be high on any shopping list and it’s a beautiful pair of trousers. So, how can you wear it without veering into corporate territory?


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Layer it

Make like Aimee and adopt a cool casual approach to this look. If you want to throw yourself wholeheartedly into this trend, then you need to pair trousers with a tank and a button down shirt thrown casually over the top. It looks effortless, and boy does it tick all the style boxes.

Avoid clunky footwear

For a truly chic touch to this look, you need to embrace the right kind of footwear. The go-to style has been a simple, minimalist sandal whether it’s a heeled thong or a simple slingback.

Add a belt

Be sure to add a thin belt to this look to really tie it all together. A belt works beautifully to add a finishing touch, but just be sure to keep it quite sleek and streamlined as opposed to bold and chunky.

Tuck it in

The elevated trouser is all about maintaining an effortless, yet polished vibe. So when you’re pairing it with a top be sure to tuck it in to avoid the look looking sloppy. Whether it’s a cami, a t-shirt or tank, this is one case where tucked in is definitely the only option.

Pop on a jacket

A great jacket, particularly a blazer will have you looking super sharp. Opt for a long length, man-style blazer worn over the top of a tank and you have yourself the kind of look that will work for myriad occasions and embraces a confidently cool vibe.

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The new matching set to have in your wardrobe this spring

17th September, 2021

Looking to invest in something new for your spring wardrobe? My latest fave is a matching set of the skirt and top variety. I wear the above Manning Cartell skirt set to death, both as a matching pair and also as separates. Versatility is key in my book and I adore co-ord sets for that reason— you can get multiple looks from just one set. While wearing a matching top and bottom is nothing new, I do love the freshness of a skirt and top combination. It feels feminine, modern and very on trend.

There are a few different styles out there right now which are just perfect for this time of year. I love the simple stretchy knit skirt and relaxed top that I’m wearing above as I like a streamlined silhouette but there’s definitely plenty of options out there. You could opt for a slightly more bohemian vibe with a floaty skirt and a peasant style blouse or go the completely opposite direction and embrace something sleek and sexy with a crop and pencil-style midi skirt. One of the best things about wearing a set like this is that you have an instantly polished look on your hands—there’s just no denying that a matching look just presents very put together and elevated. It’s easily one of my favourite wardrobe short cuts! Plus you can dress it up or down depending on your choice of accessories and shoes. A simple slingback and a statement earring is one of my tried and tested ways to accessorise this look, but you could opt for anything from sneakers to sandals or heels. The options are endless.

So, if you want to invest in something that you’ll wear to death, sidesteps wardrobe dilemmas and has plenty of versatility, I think you can’t go wrong with any of the options below.



6 ways with sunglasses

7th June, 2021


One of the quickest ways to update your look is with a pair of sunglasses. I never leave the house without a pair and have built up quite the collection simply because they’re one of my favourite accessories to finish off a look. My style goes from classic to retro cat-eye to an on-trend small frame style and I love mixing it up according to the outfit I’m wearing each day.

If you’re as enamoured with good eyewear as I am then never fear because this spring/summer we’re definitely spoilt for choice as far as sunnies go. There’s a style to suit every face shape, every style and every fashion whim. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, shapes and over the top finishes as I think a pair of standout frames can really act as the full stop to any look. So whatever the outfit or occasion there’s definitely a pair of sunglasses that’s guaranteed to match perfectly.


Round sunglasses have definitely cemented their comeback. If you want frames that are on trend yet can still easily work back with myriad outfits then try this shape. It’s worth trying on a few different round styles as some face shapes tend to suit a chunkier frame whereas some require a slightly more slimline style.

embellished cat eye sunglasses

Want to make a statement? Try a pair of embellished sunglasses. This jewelled pair is a great way to make your eyewear the focal point of an outfit. It’s the ideal style for those who love to be a little more adventurous with their accessories.

mirrored sunglasses

Mirrored glasses are popping up on every ‘it’ girl to fashion blogger this season and there’s a reason why —they work no matter what your style is. They give an outfit an edgy touch, but they’re also quite versatile, you can wear them with a slightly dressier blouse or worked back with a bikini at the beach.

cat eye sunglasses poppy delevingne

Poppy Delevingne wore these classic cat eye sunglasses at Paris Fashion Week and immediately sent them at the top of many women’s shopping lists! Every girl needs a pair of classic black sunglasses but a cat eye gives it a slightly retro feel. If black isn’t for you, this shape would also work in tortoiseshell or coloured frames.


Semi-rimless glasses a la this classic pair by Ray Ban are a great alternative to Wayfarers. They’re modern, work with virtually every face shape and are the ideal style for those who want something that’s right on trend.


Who better to steal some style inspiration from than Vogue’s uber stylish fashion director Christine Centenera? These flat top sunglasses by Celine are a great way to update oversized sunnies. These frames are clean, simple and elegant and are the perfect style to take you through summer and beyond. There are plenty of brands doing this particular style so if you want a pair minus the designer price tag keep an eye out in your local chain stores are they’re guaranteed to be doing their own interpretations this season.




How to wear a tracksuit in a chic way

5th May, 2021

Tracksuits were once the kind of thing that were strictly designated for wearing at home while relaxing on the couch. But that’s all changed. Recently it’s had a bit of a glow up and is a bonafide wardrobe must-have. For the sceptics among you, I totally get it— a tracksuit?! However banish the thought of the daggy, baggy trackies of old—the new incarnation is infinitely cooler, and way more stylish. This season, it’s about re-learning how to wear a tracksuit.

The key with wearing a tracksuit these days is how you style it—from what you pair it with to the kind of cut and fabric you choose. Either way, the best part is that’s it’s so incredibly comfortable to wear all day, so you can bookmark it for your WFH wardrobe quite easily. So, while anyone can rock a tracksuit, there are some important guidelines to remember so you’re on the right path to doing this trend right.

Match it

Matchy matchy is always a wining combo. Wear a top and bottom that are same colour ways and also go for the same material. For example the cord option I’m wearing above is a way to do a matching combination in a way that’s polished.

Consider your footwear

Think about the kind of shoes you pair with a tracksuit. Your outfit still needs to look put together if you want to achieve a look that’s on point. Although it’s a casual option don’t just throw on a pair of thongs—style it with chunky sandals or a nice pair of sneakers.

Go for the tuck

A jumper and tracksuit pant combination can sometimes look a little shapeless so you want to give it some shape elsewhere. I’ve found tucking it slightly in the front can be a great way to do this.

Choose great outerwear

If you want your look to tick all the style boxes make sure to go for a stylish jacket option. Adding a trench or an oversized denim jacket can make a tracksuit look more sophisticated/trendy and bring the entire outfit together.

What do you think—are you going to be doing the tracksuit glow up this season?


The one coat I’m investing in this season

12th April, 2021

I’m a lover of coats from way back so believe me when I say that it’s a big call for me to declare just one coat style to be high on my winter shopping list. I often dip between different coat styles, from classic to more playful printed versions but I keep gravitating towards one style and it’s one I’ve come also loved in seasons past. What is it? As you can probably guess from the above, it’s a trench coat.

It’s no surprise that trench coats make it onto lists rounding up the items every woman should have in their closet time and time again. They’re an effortless style that look chic paired with so many different things. You can wear them over a dress, dressed down with jeans and a tee, or over a suit, and the result is still exactly the same: an ensemble that looks considered and put together.

I’ve had my eye on this one by Camilla and Marc for awhile now, but I’ve seen so many beautiful options around in my travels. I think the thing with trench coats is to go for a mid-thigh to midi length, and go for one that looks a little relaxed in fit but can easily be cinched in. I’ve had many a trench coat moment over the years (as you can see below) and I’ve found you can be a little adventurous and embrace a pattern, but you can never go wrong with a simple beige or tan style, or if neutrals aren’t your thing, a navy blue or a deep green are also worthy considerations.

This winter, I think a trench is the ultimate layering piece. It’s so good as a topper over a casual outfit, and can often be the perfect finishing touch to tie an off duty look together. Or wear it thrown over a dress for the ultimate in sleek and elegant dressing in the evening. Whatever you do, go for the best quality you can afford (the better the fabric, the better the drape) and consider it a worthy investment piece for your wardrobe in the years to come.

Embracing a patterned trench
Out and about with the girls
Sleek and chic worn back with leather pants

The new way to wear tailored pants

29th March, 2021

A tailored pant has always been a classic wardrobe staple, but these days it’s become a lot more versatile. While it may have once conjured up images of corporate wear, the new tailored pant is relaxed, accessible and cool. In the last few months, I’ve really embraced it as a constant part of my outfit repertoire, and I’ve worn it going from meetings one minute to dinner the next, even just a casual meet up with friends and the occasional school run. The key to avoiding it looking too “done” is what you pair with it. So if you’re keen to make these a part of your regular looks, here’s how to style tailored pants.

Go for relaxed tops

As you can see above, I paired white tailored pants with a chocolate brown halter which significantly reduces it’s office wear feel. The key here is to avoid anything too fussy, think a plain white tee or a ribbed knit. By going for something that’s a little more dressed down, your outfit looks cool rather than corporate.

Consider the cut

Learning how to style tailored pants first starts with the cut you choose. For a more ‘now’ silhouette go for a pant that’s straight or slightly tapered. It offers a more streamlined feel and looks sleek. Also make sure that you’ve hemmed it properly so you don’t have excess fabric at the bottom—you want any pant to look spot on, and that means it has to be the perfect length.

Worn with a blazer for something slightly more polished

Worked back with a singlet for something a little sexier

With a halter neck and flats for a casual feel

Pair it with flats

One of my favourite combinations is wearing a tailored pant and working it back with a pair of flats. A gorgeous slide (I highly recommend the Gucci pair I’m wearing above), or loafer or sneaker are all great options. By eschewing heels, you can dress down your look, but still maintain a polished feel with.

…that said you can wear it with a great heel

You can totally wear heels with a tailored pant (obviously!) but choose something with a slightly more minimalist feel, think something strappy as opposed to a pump. It makes it feel more on trend, and just avoids turning your look into something for the boardroom.

How are you wearing tailored pants?


Transseasonal dressing 101: how to dress when the weather won’t behave

13th March, 2021
Dresses with longer sleeves are a great go-to during this inbetween period

I did a What I Wore post that touched on this very topic and with the past couple of days in Sydney going from sunny and warm one minute to torrential downpour the next, never has it been more obvious that the time for trans-seasonal dressing is now well and truly upon us. As far as fashion goes it’s sometimes hard to decide what to wear when the weather is temperamental but there are a few things I do to help get around it…

Layer, layer, layer

If I have a few layers to my look it’s easy to add or subtract pieces according to the weather. I find that bringing a jacket with me now is a good idea but it’s not really the time for a winter coat so I will use a denim jacket instead. It’s not too heavy, not too light and as a bonus it’s right on trend. I will usually pop one on over a slip dress with a tee underneath and I am set. If it warms up a bit it’s easy to push up the sleeves and leave my arms partially exposed.

Add sleeves

I think dresses are still weather appropriate this time of year but it might start to get a bit too cool to leave arms and shoulders uncovered. In this instance I find things like long sleeved dresses or layering a tee underneath a dress would be ideal as it keeps me warm without being overly rugged up.

Kate Waterhouse wearing long sleeved Zimmermann dress

Sleeves are great, especially when they’ve got next-level detail

Introduce textures

I will start to add heavier fabrics slowly as the weeks go by such as a wool or cashmere. Right now it’s great to utilise breathable fabrics such as cashmere or wool for those days when it might start out cool but get a little warmer later in the day. 

Swap sandals for closed shoes

It’s still possible to get away with wearing open toed shoes but the further we get away from summer the more likely it is that temperatures will cool down during the day. As such I am starting to swap my sandals for loafers or sneakers. Even if I’m wearing something lightweight, having open shoes often helps balance it out.

A shirt that can be rolled up is perfect for battling transseasonal weather

Wear tops that can be rolled or pushed up

If I’m not quite sure what the weather is going to be like I’ll pop on a long sleeved shirt or lightweight knit. This gives me option of being able to roll up my sleeves or push them up if the weather is a little bit warmer. When paired with something that leaves a little leg exposed such as a midi skirt then I will be quite comfortable and won’t get too hot or cold.

Tie it up

A big trend at the moment is to tie a denim jacket or knit around the waist which makes for the perfect set up for a trans-seasonal outfit. I love having the option to leave the jacket tied around my waist or popping it on if I’m feeling chilly. It also means I don’t have to deal with the hassle of lugging around a jacket.

Tell me—What are some of your trans-seasonal must-haves?

Non-skinny jeans options I’m loving

10th March, 2021

There has been much said about skinny jeans of late, with Gen Z declaring them cancelled (along with side parts, just FYI). While I’m all for wearing the kind of jeans style that works with your wardrobe, shape and style, if you are on the look out for other alternatives then you’ll be pleased to heat there are are more than a few options to consider.

I tend to gravitate towards straight leg styles now, along with cropped wide leg options which look great with a sandal or heel. I’ve found the former to be a real wardrobe staple for me now as they both work back with so many different styles of top, particularly a white t-shirt, which is a constant wardrobe MVP for me.

But the options don’t end there. There’s still the classic boyfriend style which is ideal for an off duty look, while the mom jean style is a great hybrid between boyfriend and straight and works for so many different occasions.

So if you’re looking to update your denim wardrobe, here are a few styles to consider.

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Lightweight linen pieces to update your summer wardrobe

30th October, 2020

If there’s one thing that should be front and centre in your summer wardrobe it’s anything and everything linen. The lightweight, breathable fabric is about as perfect as you can get for dealing with balmy, summer days. And the added bonus is, it looks effortless and chic which is a major plus when dealing with soaring temperatures which can leave you feeling hot and bothered.

Given the prevalence of linen in most brands’ collections this season, the only difficult part is trying to decide how you’re going to embrace it. Will it be via a flowy slip dress? Crisp and classic linen pants? Perhaps a tailored white top that will accompany any summer look effortlessly? To help get you started I’ve rounded up a few pieces that will kickstart your love affair with linen. Be prepared though, once you wear it, you’ll definitely be a repeat customer.

Wide leg pants in that so-perfect-for-summer oatmeal shade should be high on your wish list. These pants can be worn dressed up with a cami or thrown on over your swimmers to take you straight to after beach drinks.

With its classic shape, you’re guaranteed to get plenty of wear out of this top. Wear it back with denim for that perfect balance of smart casual or team it with a skirt for an outfit with a soft, feminine vibe.

A loose, flowy top like this is made for warm days. Pop it on over pants or shorts and it instantly gives it a slightly dressier feel.

The colour is striking but the simply, understated slip dress will be something that blends seamlessly into your summer wardrobe. Worn back with sneakers for a day of running around, or slides for a long lunch, you’ll get plenty of wear out of this piece.

These tailored shorts are just the perfect crisp white shade to take you through summer. The best bit is you’ll be able to pair it with so many different pieces, and easily dress it up or down.

If there’s a puff sleeve involved I’m there. It’s one of my favourite trends this spring/summer, and this crop with its sweet floral print and shirring is the ideal way to lift any outfit.

A simple staple that you’ll wear non-stop this summer is a midi skirt. In white, it’s just made for enjoying afternoon drinks, barefoot whilst soaking up the sun.

Blazers should be a constant in any wardrobe simply because it’s such an easy way to dress up an outfit with minimal effort. While some jackets might feel a little heavy in summer, a linen version is the perfect way to wear one when it’s warm out.

Apart from the fact this dusty rose shade is perfection, the classic shape of these shorts is the ideal way to this summer staple in a more polished way. Team it with a white tee and sneakers or slides and you’re set.

Linen doesn’t always mean neutrals, you can also go for truly beautiful pastels or vibrant shades. This baby pink skirt is just the kind of thing to wear when you’re wanting something a little more playful and fun.

If you’re a forever fan of sleek black pieces then these wide leg linen pants are about to become your new best friend in summer. Worn with bold colours, prints or simple neutrals, bookmark this piece to be on high rotation.

How cute is this linen jumpsuit? The shirring and the puff sleeves combo is always a winner and such a chic way to do linen this summer.

It’s summer so why not wholeheartedly embrace vivid colours? The turmeric shade of this dress is just the right amount of drama to truly lift any ensemble while the finer details such as the puff sleeves, crossover bodice and sweetheart neckline are the perfect full stop to this dress.