How to style wide leg pants

11th October, 2021

Whether you’re sold on them or are still debating whether to dip your toe into the wide leg pant trend, I think we could all agree that wide leg pants when styled right look downright chic. They evoke an effortless vibe about them that feels very grown up and put together. But it does require keeping a few things in mind when you’re styling them to ensure that you’re not overwhelmed by all that volume. You can also wear this pants style for various occasions by making a few quick styling changes, which makes them one of my fave things when it comes to clothes: versatile.

If you’ve felt daunted about wearing this style because you’re a little unsure of how to wear it or what to pair with it then you’ve come to the right post! Having embraced wide leg pants wholeheartedly, I’ve been able to experiment with different looks and have narrowed down what makes them work and what doesn’t.

Tailor them

The key with wide leg pants is to ensure they’re just the right length. You don’t want them too long that they’re dragging on the floor (it’s also a bit of a hazard!) and you don’t want them too short that they don’t look quite right. Being a petite person I usually have to get things taken up and if you’re in the same boat, I would highly recommend taking your pants to a professional to have them hemmed properly. Make sure to bring shoes with the heel height that you’re likely to wear with your pants so you get the absolute perfect fit.

High waisted all the way!

Low rise pants are apparently making a comeback but when it comes to wide leg pants I think the only way to go is high waisted. It looks ultra chic and just gives this style of pant an elevated feel.

Tuck your shirt in (or crop it)

When it comes to wide leg pants I tend to tuck everything in whether it’s a jumper, cami, t-shirt or shirt as it looks more polished and I think the proportions work better. Some people can work a slightly oversized button down shirt with wide leg pants and look amazing but I think you need a little height to get the right effect. If you have a slightly smaller stature I would definitely stick with tucking things in. Alternatively, if like the look of a crop top but have been avoiding them as you were hesitant about flashing skin, a high waisted pair of wide leg pants is perfect bridge to get you there. You can get the crop top effect but a high waist will offer a little extra tummy coverage.

High waisted wide leg pants are one of my go-tos

Experiment with colours

I love wide leg pants in a neutral hue as they are so versatile, and a crisp white pant is just about one of the chicest things you can wear but it doesn’t mean you should ignore colour! Wide leg pants look great in bold, bright hues (think reds, pinks, purples…) and also a loud-ish print if you dare. If you want to temper your look a little bit when wearing colour, pair it with a neutral at the top and you have yourself an outfit formula that works.

Ensure you have balance

Working with volume, my general rule is when you’re wearing something quite billowy at the bottom go for something more fitted at the top and vice versa. This helps to achieve the right kind of balance and will ensure that you’re wearing your outfit and not your outfit is wearing you. Remember to keep proportions in mind at all times when working with wide leg pants.

Work with different silhouettes

The beauty with wide leg pants is that they you can afford to experiment with different silhouettes up top. A shirt with a bold shoulder looks commanding and strong when paired with a pair of tailored wide leg pants and a subtle heel. While adding a white tee and a sandal is the height of effortless, laidback style. Add a sleek bodysuit, statement sunnies and a slide and you have yourself an “I’m just chilling in the Riviera” look nailed. Experimentation is key as you have to work with what’s flattering for your shape and don’t forget that balance is also important.

What do you think of wide leg pants? Fan or hard pass?

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