Easy ways to rethink the humble tracksuit and turn it into a stylish loungewear staple

24th July, 2021

The tracksuit is no doubt a ubiquitous part of many people’s relaxation wardrobe and over the last few weeks I’m sure it has become even more of an integral staple. While classic trackies will always have a place in our off duty repertoire, in recent years, the humble tracksuit as we know it has had a bit of a glow up. In fact, dare I say, it’s now right up there as a critical part of many a loungewear look. So, if you want to to easily go from your couch to the local cafe to pick up a coffee, here are a few ways to do the tracksuit, with an injection of style.

Be selective with materials

Think luxe materials such as wool, cashmere or corduroy. While there are some cute iterations of cotton tracksuits, there’s something about elevated fabrics which can turn the tracksuit into more of a style piece.

Work it back with a knit

A gorgeous knit is always a constant in my winter wardrobe and it’s become a critical part of my loungewear wardrobe because it’s actually a great piece to pair with a pair of tracksuit pants. Worn back with a tracksuit, it makes it adds a chic element.

Loving matching tracksuit sets

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

You don’t have to go all out in the accessories department if you don’t want to but the addition of a simple necklace or a great pair of earrings is one way to turn a tracksuit from just something you wear on the couch to something that has a little more of a fashion element.

Consider your footwear

Pair your tracksuit with a great – but comfy – pair of shoes. Think a nice comfortable sandal or a pair of sneakers. It allows you to tick the form and function box quite nicely.

Go for a great bag

When leaving the house, you can turn your tracksuit into a going out look with the addition of a nice bag. A statement tote, a bucket bag, or even a pretty basket bag are the kind of dressy accessory that works well with a tracksuit.

Consider your outerwear

One trend that’s emerged featuring the tracksuit, is pairing it with classic outerwear. Think a beautiful trench or a coat in a classic shade such as camel, black or navy. It doesn’t seem like it should work but it definitely does—plus you can stay unbelievably toasty and warm all at the same time.

Credits: Tracksuit in video, Bec and Bridge

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