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Advertising media kit

Our audience

Bankrate visitors are some of the most sought after on the web – they’re affluent, in-market, ready to transact, and have high credit scores. We offer a user-friendly environment for consumers to compare rates and interact with our advertising partners.

Our trusted, well known name and our objectivity are important to consumers who are on the verge of making important financial decisions.

Key stats

4 million


2022 monthly average

3 million


2022 monthly average

25 million


2022 monthly average

15 million


2022 monthly average

Rate table advertising

Bankrate’s rate tables are amongst the most efficient ways to connect directly with in-market consumers. Whether you advertise on our cost-per-lead, cost-per-click or cost-per-call structures, our Smart Pricing algorithm ensures that your marketing dollars drive a successful campaign. How is that possible? Simple. The data you share with us helps us optimize our advertisers’ performance by allowing us to quickly pivot and make adjustments as soon as trends become apparent.

How it works

Bankrate users are qualified, ready to transact consumers who are interested in YOUR financial products. Our Mortgage advertisers only pay for leads after a consumer works their way through our funnel and chooses to provide their contact information. Investments, auto and home equity advertisers are only charged if a consumer clicks on your company’s hyperlink. If they don’t click, you don’t pay! This means you only pay for qualified, engaged consumers who want to learn more about your offering.

Why advertise on our rate tables?

  • User
    Qualified consumers
    There is no better quality lead than consumers who are in the process of rate shopping.
  • Globe World
    Reach the right consumers, in the right markets. Bankrate covers over 650 markets in all 50 states.
  • Ribbon
    With a hyperlink on Bankrate’s tables, millions of in-market consumers will have direct and immediate access to you.

Company logo specs

  • 125 (width) x 45 (height) GIF
  • Any taglines associated with the logo must be official corporate taglines
  • File size – 2k maximum
  • All required logo trademarks
    or registration marks must be included in the file – Bankrate will not add ™ or ® marks
  • Must be on transparent background with no border
  • Only one logo per advertiser allowed – no separate logos for rate table and lightbox


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