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Closet tour: Take a peek inside my wardrobe

9th October, 2019
One of the things that I truly believe makes styling a look easier is to embrace a little wardrobe organisation.

In this month’s issue of Elle Magazine, I’m excited to be opening the doors to my closet and taking readers on a little tour of how I keep things organised and also a few of my favourite pieces.

As I reveal in the magazine, I’ve actually converted a spare bedroom at home into an office/dressing room so I’m able to have a dedicated space to do fittings and also to work on my blog. I’m really lucky to be able to have the space to do this and it’s without a doubt, it’s one of my favourite spaces, and a sanctuary in my house.

I’m often asked about how I keep my clothes organised so I decided to do a slightly more in depth look here; namely to share some of my favourite wardrobe organisation tips plus give you an insight into the pieces that I wear all the time.

Scroll down for a peek into my closet…

There’s nothing more important than an organised closet so I had a few custom built-ins put in at home to help make it easier. I like having a place for everything, but most importantly being able to see what I own at a glance. I’ve found that’s really important when it comes to avoiding wardrobe dilemmas.
Shoes are my number one splurge. I’d rather direct my fashion budget to shoes more than anything else. I get so much wear out of them so I figure it’s worth investing in beautiful pieces that are made to last.
Accessories are king in my closet. I’ll all about sunglasses, shoes and bags. I’ve got a number of sunnies in my collection and I wear them all the time. They’re a great finishing touch to any look.
A few of my current favourites. Without a doubt my go-to brands are Chanel, Gucci and Dior when it comes to shoes. They all do such classic, well-crafted and on point pieces.
It’s great sitting amongst the things that inspire me when I’m working—my favourite books, the closet pieces that I love and a few decorative touches that make me smile.
I spend a lot of time doing fittings so I wanted a dedicated space to make it a fun experience. All my looks, whether it be a big glam event or a racing event such as Melbourne Cup, all come together here.
I treated myself to these boots recently. I love them because they’re so versatile but still a lot of fun and such a statement item.
Lining things up on racks is always handy when I’m trying to style several different looks and want to see my options at a glance. If you’ve got the patience to do it, it’s also a great way to organise your looks for the week.
Some old and new favourites. I wore the Gucci heels and headband to the races a few years back and still love them. The Chanel backpack and oversized Louis Vuitton scarf are both must-haves when I’m travelling.
I think it’s important to have everything neatly laid out and organised into categories. I often group coats with coats, bags with bags, t-shirts with t-shirts and so forth so I don’t waste time having to look for certain pieces. It’s all there at my fingertips.

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