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The 4 outfit combinations I rely on when I’m too tired to think about my outfit

25th August, 2021

Who else is with me when I say that there are some days where I just can’t be bothered thinking about what to wear. It’s those days when a few go-to looks up my sleeve comes in really handy because a) I’ve already tried them before so I know they work and b) I can go into autopilot. While I’m all for experimentation and reworking outfits I do like knowing that there are just some outfits that are guaranteed to look good and don’t require much finessing.

Everyone’s fave combinations will be different according to their style but I’ve managed to hone in on four pairings that are comfortable, look good and can easily be pulled together. These are looks that work for me and what I generally have scheduled most days. I regularly have these clothes sitting in my closet so there’s no drama in having to unearth specific pieces to pull each outfit together. I think that’s the key in this instance, it’s knowing that when you look in your closet various iterations of these pieces are sitting there so it’s easy to grab and go.

These are a few of my favourite looks…


Mini dress with sneakers

This is without a doubt one of the comfiest looks I can wear and I think it looks put together too. I love wearing dresses so I have a number of favourites in my closet that all work back with any of the sneakers in my closet. I always go for a slightly shorter hemline as it works for my height and frame, but this is easily tweaked according to your own shape. You may be more of a midi or maxi girl, but either way I think virtually any dress can be worn with a pair of crisp white sneakers.


Jeans with white t-shirt

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that you can’t get much better than jeans and a white tee when it comes to a look that’s timeless and is always guaranteed to work. This outfit equation works with any style of jeans and any style of white t-shirt so it’s really one of the best autopilot looks you can have up your sleeve. Also pretty much everyone has a fave pair of jeans and t-shirt making it one of the more accessible pairings. If you want to switch it up just change shoes from heels to flats and you’ve instantly got a different vibe.


Tracksuit co-ord set

Thank goodness for the tracksuit trend because it’s given me a great reason to wear this combination time and time again. I have a few sets comprising of matching jumpers and tracksuit bottom and it’s just about the quickest and easiest thing I can throw on. It’s one of my fave mum-on-the-go shortcuts because it’s comfortable and can withstand whatever the day throws at me, whether it’s a trip to the park or doing the school run.


Workout gear

I know there are some people who think workout gear should just be relegated to well, working out but I’m in the camp that believes they’re great at any time of day! With the great athleisure looks available now (my fave designers like Aje and Camilla and Marc in particular are doing some amazing elevated versions of exercise wear) I think you can get away with wearing your training clothes for the day and still look on trend.


What are some of your go-to outfit combinations?